About Royal Inter Pack

Royal Interpack Group is a member of Royal Holdings (Thailand). Royal Interpack was started in 2000 operating out of a small industrial unit with two vacuum forming machines and a handful of employees. Since these humble beginnings we have grown the business significantly through high customer satisfaction, stringent quality standards and 24/7 service. Collectively we employ over 100 people and process over 120 million pounds of PET every year. 

Royal Interpack covers a 35 acres site in Chonburi, Thailand where we recycle PET bottles to RPET sheets to RPET/ PET rigid packaging serving produce, bakery, food processors, convenience (Grab-n-Go) and deli markets.


By turning used PET bottles into new RPET/PET containers, clamshells, trays and thermoformed products recycling conserves Virgin resources and reduces landfill waste.

Royal Interpack is the largest producer of food grade post consumer Recycled PET rigid packaging in Thailand. Through state-of-art recycling facility, latest extrusion technologies and "SUPER CLEANING PROCESS" approved by USFDA, Royal is fully invested and committed to make an impact in preserving resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Design & Innovation

Working closely with local toolmakers and our in-house design team using the latest in 3D printing software enabling us to develop innovative packaging solutions with fast turnarounds. The team can design in different formats and turn drawings into a 3D prototype within 48hrs.

"The difference in our approach delivers results"

Visanu Chawla, Managing Director, Royal Interpack