Packaging and the environment

Packaging plays a vital role in the produce supply chain. Ensuring the safe distribution of goods around the world or around the corner. Royal Interpack understands that the topic can be emotive and strives to evolve for the benefit of the produce supply chain and the environment.

Royal Interpack Recycling facility will process up to 1 billion plastic bottles a year into recycled plastic flake for the company’s GREENPET™ flake, and to provide material for in-house extrusion & rigid packaging containers.

Royal will increase recycling output to meet the increasing demand for sustainable recycled packaging. Recycling has a key role to play in reducing plastic pollution and the carbon footprint of both the plastics and polyester textile industries, as it reduces energy and water consumption, and produces fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional manufacturing processes.

100% of our products are recyclable after use. We support and encourage the proper handling of our products through the appropriate recycling chain. They can be used again, and again, and again – so let’s all make sure we do.

What We Do & Why

We believe that sustainable manufacturing solutions are the only way to protect the earth and our future.

With an increasing desire for sustainable products from consumers and a growing need to address plastic pollution,Royal has developed GREENPET® a high-quality flake made from recycled plastic water bottles. GREENPET® flakes replaces traditional APET rigid containers to produce a wide range of sustainable packaging.

ROYAL is the only company in Thailand to manage the full supply chain from plastic bottle collection through to Flake production.