Jalisco Takes First Place in Agri-Food Production in Mexico

Jalisco Takes First Place in Agri-Food Production in Mexico

According to official figures published by the Federal Government, the agricultural sector in Jalisco has reaffirmed its national leadership by contributing 41,254,873 tons of food in the agricultural, livestock, and fishing sectors. This accounts for 14% of the national production of 294.5 million tons.

In terms of production value, Jalisco also led the country, accumulating 195,252 million pesos, well ahead of the second-place state, Michoacán, with 104,133 million pesos.

The 2022 Agri-Food Expectations report by the Agri-Food Information System (SIAP) presents the official balance of 2021, highlighting the state’s leadership in various products such as eggs, cow’s milk, pork, chia, and tamarind, among others.

It is reported that in the agricultural sector, Jalisco led the way by producing 35,731,494 tons.

The mentioned document does not reference some agricultural products in which the state has held national leadership, such as Tequilana Weber agave, blueberries, and raspberries. In addition to avocados, where the state is the second-largest national producer.

Regarding the livestock sector, there is also excellent news for Jalisco, as it occupies the first place with 5,504,360 tons, representing 22.8% of the total national production, with a value of 108,507 million pesos, accounting for 20.4% of the national value.

This means that in livestock production, Jalisco produces more than entire regions of the country, such as the Northwest (7%), Central (12.5%), and South-Southeast (15.2%), and only slightly less than the combined production of Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.

In terms of fishery and aquaculture products, Jalisco ranks thirteenth. There is significant production of tilapia and charal in inland waters, and red snapper and octopus in coastal fishing, with a 2021 production of 19,000 tons.

With the gradual recovery from the pandemic’s effects, the aquaculture and fishing sectors are also expected to rebound, promising increased production of various products such as catfish, tilapia, and frogs.

Key Statistics:

Foods in which Jalisco is the national leader:

  • Eggs (1,653,000 tons)
  • Pork (380,000 tons)
  • Chia (4,138 tons)
  • Tamarind (23,501 tons)
  • Milk (2,779,000 tons)

Products in which the Jalisco agricultural sector ranks second:

  • Sugar cane (7.3 million tons)
  • Beef (249,000 tons)
  • Poultry (419,000 tons)

Jalisco also ranks third in bee honey (6,073 tons) and charal (493 tons), and fourth in tomatoes (191,000 tons) and bananas (176,000 tons).

You can consult the “2022 Agri-Food Expectations” document by SIAP at: [link]


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